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About My Approach

"Holistic" is more than a buzzword

The foundation of my approach is the incorporation of the whole person—the spiritual (or energetic) body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. All of these pieces must be considered and cared for in the process of healing. We cannot heal the physical body without also loving the spirit. We cannot heal the mind without releasing our negative emotions. We are all these parts at once and so to heal ourselves, live the life of our dreams and do so vibrantly we work with the whole self.

Understanding that our whole self is all one interconnected system unable to be separated then also know, this whole system has all the tools and wisdom to heal itself if we give it the opportunity to do so. Truly there are no "healers" out there that will fix you. Your body is it's own healer. This work is about unleashing it's potential by releasing that which holds you back, integrating the parts and unleashing your true potential.

Meditation by the Sea
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About Me

Not a "Healer," a Facilitator

Hi! My name is Kyle Tennyson and I am so excited to share this deep and powerful work with you. From a young age I have brought a calm and centered vibe to the world around me. I've always put myself in positions to help and this passion led me to a career as a registered nurse. For over a decade this has been a rewarding journey, but something is missing in Western Medicine, maybe you feel it too. 

The desire to help lift others up in more meaningful and impactful ways inspired a search for more. Through several years of exploring healing modalities, learning, training, and sharing my gifts, I've gained a broad expertise in wellness and living a vibrant life. With this unique background and experience I approach the facilitation of healing for others with a truly holistic focus--spiritual, mental, emotional & physical bodies--grounded in compassion and centered in presence. 

Certifications and licensure include the following:

  • Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Mental Emotional Release & Hypnosis

  • Registered Nurse in state of California

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach

  • Level 1 Reiki Certification

  • Level 1 Huna Certification

About: About Me
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