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Testimonials: Testimonials

Matthew P. - Los Angeles, CA

I feel like Kyle and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) came into my life at the exact right time. Here’s the deal… We are all aware of those nagging voices in our heads. The ones that tell us we’re not good enough. The ones that push us to procrastinate on a work project or stop calling our family members or cheat on our partners. The voices that turn into walls that block our way to true happiness and fulfillment. NLP tears down those walls brick-by-brick so that you can move through your life without the accumulative baggage of your subconscious mind.

Kyle is a great practitioner for NLP. He’s generous with his time, he does not judge and he has a kind heart that makes you feel at ease. Let me tell you why that’s important… To really reap the benefits of NLP you need to dig up A LOT of baggage. All of it, actually. I’m talking things like fear, betrayal and, yes of course, shame. This all happens during your Breakthrough Session or BTS.

From the very beginning Kyle created a safe space for me to unload this anguish. He was a good listener, he guided me to some amazing realizations and he never made me feel less-than or idiotic for feeling my feelings. It was a truly nurturing experience. Once we identified the limiting beliefs my subconscious was carrying around, Kyle led me through a Mental Emotional Release. I really don’t want to give too much away because it’s best if you go in a bit blind. But the MER was my favorite part of the session. In a nutshell, Kyle teaches you an easy (and frankly fun) way to Find, Learn From and Release all of the negative baggage within your life timeline. As an African-American, I knew I was coming to this session with a lot of generation trauma that needed to be cleared. Kyle was a patient guide and a good listener during the experience. His goal was to make sure the program worked and I was so appreciative of his diligence.

With a clear mind, I was then ready to set new goals for my life. Goals that weren’t hindered by the baggage of my past. Kyle helped guide me to what I truly want in my life. He helped me see clearly the things that really matter to me. And then we placed those goals into my future timeline through a similar process as MER. THIS FELT SOOO GOOD. It’s been a couple months since my session and I’m continuing my work with weekly coaching Zooms with Kyle. It’s great to have another person who truly understands my goals — long term and short term — and can hold me accountable. I’m so excited to see how far I go with his guidance. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to reach out to Kyle now and undergo an NLP session. You won’t be sorry.

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